Renovating Ranch Rails with Bespoke Glass

Ranch style bannisters often feature in 1970’s-built homes.  Instantly identifiable as two or three planks of wood, attached to posts horizontally and screwed together.  Not necessarily considered the most fashionable of staircase designs and it is debatable how they became so popular in this period, which also had an affinity with avocado and pink bathrooms (say no more!).
Thankfully, interior style trends do change.  Also, it’s worth noting that ranch stairs are now not considered safe under current building regulations, which have evolved since the 1970’s.  The potential to use the planks as a ladder effect (which is why building regulations prohibited this design) often prompt parents of young children to consider renovating their stair staircase and now preclude its usage now in newly built houses.

Transformation of this style of staircase will have a dramatic effect on your hallway’s and landing areas appearance, especially when glass is used to lighten the whole area and provide that wow factor.


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