How much does a Staircase Refurbishment Cost?

How much does a Staircase Refurbishment Cost?

If you are new to the market of staircase renovations, the chances are you have no idea what this kind of product and service can cost, which can be daunting initially.  Reassuringly we promise fair prices all year round without the use of salesmen.

All our Staircase renovation projects are bespoke and made to measure for your staircase. Each one is just as unique as the last and each will have different nuances which means it is very difficult to give each one a set cost.

Several factors can determine the price of a renovation including size and layout of the staircase; number of newel posts and turns; the size of the landing and whether your staircase is against a wall or open both sides.  Also, the individual design choices a client can make on the expertly handcrafted products we offer, will affect the cost to that staircase design.

We are very transparent with our products, services and prices.  Often customers will decide to take their renovation to the next level, adding curtail steps, wall hung handrails, cladding strings and cladding the treads and risers. All these optional extras can be achieved and quoted separately to assist.

To assist us initially on a staircase renovation, we request to see some pictures of the existing staircase, this helps us to gauge the style of home and what space we are working with, allowing us to offer the best advice possible as staircase design specialists.   Following this we can provide free no obligation quotes which are fixed for three months and arrange a free design survey where we can show you samples and designs.

Free Staircase Renovation Design Quotation

If you are looking for your own design and quotation, please contact the team today on 0151 203 9153 or email us at with any photos or plans that you have. One of our team will give you a call back to discuss some styles and ideas!

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