Timeless Staircase & Hallway Decorating Design Ideas

We’ve always been taught that first impressions are important, and the same goes for your home. As the space that welcomes you at the end of a long day, and the first glimpse your guests are given of your personal style, your stairs and hallway is the perfect opportunity to make a statement.

A staircase renovation is a simple way to update your home – breathing new life into an old, tired staircase and hallway which will also increase your house value. 

Decoration to compliment your new stair transformation can offer a myriad of opportunities.  Clean and crisp, white woodwork is a classic choice for hallways, no matter what you pair it with.   Increasingly green hallway decoration is proving popular and can offer the perfect tone to compliment oak bannisters and on your staircase.  Green hallway paint is soothing, calming and reassuring and combing different tones in a hallway will help the space feel serene and energized .  If you are using more than one shade and your space is tight, keep the lighter colours toward the ceiling.  Mixing green walls with grey or patterned carpets or oak flooring brings the whole area together beautifully, creating a contemporary designed hallway with which to show off your new feature glass staircase transformation.

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