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A Guide to Staircase Renovations 

A Guide to Staircase Renovations 


A staircase is a practical, must-have structure for any two-story home or space. For most, it is a vehicle to move from A to B. Yet there are some design benefits linked to a well thought out and crafted staircase.

Starting from scratch with crafting a staircase may be out of the picture unless you’re considering an extension, loft conversion or require greater stability under building regulations. A staircase renovation can however be doable, helping to change the aesthetic appeal of an essential part of the house.

At Design My Stairs, we are a family-based specialist company, here to deliver design and structural solutions for your stairs. Available to manufacture bespoke staircases and to renovate existing staircase foundations, there are a wealth of different options to design and consider with our help.

Here’s a guide to staircase renovations, from the type of materials that can be used to the building regulations that you must adhere to. Completing a renovation can transfer the entrance to your home, add value to your property, modernise your existing foundations, and tie together your interior design.

Reach out for some staircase inspiration, from minor renovations to in-house manufacturing and installation projects.


Renovating A Staircase

Renovating a staircase is an affordable way to elevate the design of your space. Staircases are in fact one of the most neglected structures in a domestic property. Yet they are mostly situated in the centre of the home, visible to the eye.

Staircase renovations can help to improve the visual appeal of your space, boost safety and sturdiness, and add value to your home by delivering a fresh and clean look. You can create a focal point, you can improve the practicality of your existing staircase and you can also install some extra storage.

Opting for a DIY renovation will be possible if you’re making minor changes, such as painting your current structure. Yet for a full renovation, either updating your materials or foundations will require the help of specialist craftsmen.


How To Refurbish A Staircase?

A structurally sound staircase can be renovated in many different ways. If your staircase does however require a new foundation, needs to be relocated or needs to be reinstalled, a bespoke design and manufacturing process will instead be recommended.

Here’s a guide on staircase renovations, sharing some of the changes that we can deliver to refurbish your structure.


Refurbish your handrails

Handrails offer support whilst using a staircase. Yet they also outline the structure and can be refurbished through a simple colour or material change.


Update your materials

The entire aesthetic structure of your staircase can be updated, making use of some of our most popular materials such as our wood collection or metal collection. You can also look to change the flooring of your stairs, such as your carpet, to update the space.


Change your stair treads and risers

Both treads and risers can wear over time. Changing them can update the visual structure of your staircase whilst also improving sturdiness.


Replace your spindles and newel posts

If you’re happy with the structure of your staircase, renovations can also involve replacing spindles and newel posts. Contrasting materials and colours work very well for a modernised staircase.


Select a bespoke and handcrafted staircase

If you’re looking for an entirely new look and structure, a bespoke, handcrafted staircase will instead be recommended. The design, manufacturing and installation of staircase renovations can be completed here at Design My Stairs.


How Much Does A New Staircase Cost?

Staircase renovations are bespoke, meaning that costs will vary. The extent of the work that’s taking place will impact the cost of your refurbishment. The materials that you select, and the complexity of your installation can also affect the cost of a renovation.

Understandably, if you’re looking for a completely new structure, this will cost more than updating an existing staircase.

Our average staircase renovations can take 2-3 days and will offer an affordable solution for transforming your space. For an accurate quotation, reach out to our team.


Building Regulations

Building regulations must be followed whilst renovating a staircase. A structurally sound staircase is essential whilst designing and installing refurbished stair parts. High-quality materials must also be used to maintain sturdiness, safety, and longevity.

New staircase renovations must have:

  • 200mm in tread width
  • 200mm in riser height
  • A maximum pitch of 42 degrees
  • At least one handrail if under 1 meter wide. Over 1 meter must have dual handrails
  • Handrails of 900mm on stairs and landings
  • A minimum of 2m of headroom above the pitch line
  • Openings or spindles less than 100mm apart

As staircase renovations must follow the above regulations, working alongside our team at Design My Stairs is encouraged. We’re staircase specialists, adhering to health and safety needs, and your personal design specifications.

We also offer a 10-year guarantee with quality assured on the structure and materials of our staircase renovations.


Staircase Inspiration

Knowing where to start with your staircase renovation can be one of the hardest steps. Depending on your style, budget, and existing interior design, we have a wealth of staircase options to select from.

Metal staircase structures, glass staircase panels and natural wood staircase aesthetics are all popular options. We make use of high-quality materials across our collections.

Bespoke designs are also available, handcrafted here in the UK, combining our passion, skills, and craftsmanship for staircase renovations. No matter the size, structure, or design of your existing stairs, we can transform your space, offer a durable design, and add visual appeal to your hall, staircase, and landing. Additional storage options, such as under stairs wine storage can also be installed.

Check out our latest work for some staircase inspiration or reach out for information or a quotation. If you have any questions, reach out for assurance, along with a guide to staircase renovations.

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We transform traditional staircases into beautiful works of art.

At Design My Stairs we are an award-winning, family-run business. Our reputation is our livelihood and we care about each and every customer. We are experts in the field of glass staircase design and installation. Don’t just take our word for it: we won The Northern Enterprise Awards for Best Embedded Glass Staircase Specialists in 2021. But, we’re not a one trick pony, either. We also design and install wooden staircases and metal bannisters, so we will never try to sell you a glass staircase because that’s all we do.

With our experience and expertise in staircase design and installation, combined with our wide range of wood, metal and glass staircase installation options, we will only ever recommend the best staircase solution for your needs.

All of our glass balustrade panels, glass banisters, and every component of our glass staircases are designed, handcrafted and fitted to the highest standards by our expert craftsmen.

To find out more about our range of glass staircases, please take a look at our blog and gallery or contact Design My Stairs for a quote or glass stair design survey.

Our staircases are designed, handcrafted and fitted by craftsman. We create staircases that become a real focal point of your home.

We transform traditional staircases into beautiful works of art. We serve customers throughout Liverpool, Chester and North Wales.

Check out our case studies to see how various materials and styles can transform outdated stairs into beautiful features.

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Check out our case studies to see how various materials and styles can transform outdated stairs into beautiful features.