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At Design My Stairs we are experts in bespoke glass staircase design from base rails and newel posts to beautifully designed toughened glass panels and perfectly-finished oak handrails.

We all like to make a good first impression on people when they enter our home or workplace, or we simply want to open our front doors to a space that makes us smile when we arrive home or at work. With this in mind, many people spend a lot of time and effort creating a warm, welcoming hallway. But, although you can have the most beautifully decorated hallway, if it is dark, cramped, or has dated bannisters and newel posts, you will never create the wow factor you desire.

Glass stairs are the perfect solution to brighten up any space, transforming your stairs and living or workspace into a light, bright contemporary space to be proud of.

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Shining a Light on Glass Banisters

Glass stairs and glass balustrade panels are easy to install and can completely transform your entire home or workplace by creating a light, contemporary space that will wow visitors and create a space that you will love. Whereas traditional bannisters can enclose spaces and make them seem smaller and darker, glass stairs and glass balustrades allow natural light to flood into the space.

This not only brightens the entire house or office it also creates a contemporary feeling and makes the area appear larger — even in smaller homes or workplaces — without the need to extend or carry out extensive building works. A glass staircase provides an instant update to your home or workspace quickly and simply. With the right know-how, glass staircases are easy to install, and glass bannisters can be fitted quickly and with little disruption while creating sensational transformations to the feel and appearance of your home or office.

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Design My Stairs is a family business based in the Wirral. We have a long history of providing high-quality staircase renovations throughout England and Wales. 

All our staircases are designed, handcrafted and fitted by our experienced craftsmen. 

Combining knowledge, passion and craftsmanship, we pride ourselves on making staircases the focal point of your home. 

Can Glass Staircases be Installed in Any Home?

Some people believe that glass stairs will not look right or cannot be installed in older properties either due to the structure of older buildings or they fear that the contemporary aesthetics of glass balustrades will clash with the character of older properties. This is not the case.

At Design My Stairs we offer bespoke glass staircase design to suit any home or setting. From a Georgian townhouse to a new-build modern duplex, glass staircases can create a contemporary feel while always remaining sympathetic to the character of the home or building. Our expert glass staircase designers work with our clients to design staircases to enhance and highlight the character of each individual space, to create light contemporary glass staircases that fit seamlessly into any setting.

Unlike some suppliers who only fit glass stairs, we also install glass, metal and wooden staircases, so we can offer bespoke glass, wooden or metal staircase solutions to suit your specific needs and setting. Our expert designers will always discuss every option with you and will only ever install glass balustrades in suitable settings and when they are the very best option.

Staircase Renovations

Renovation Options for Glass Staircases

Our bespoke glass staircase design and installation services cover every conceivable option — and there are many — to ensure that your glass stairs meet your needs and wishes in terms of safety, contemporary design, useability, and aesthetics. From base rails, through glass panels to newel posts and oak handrails, if desired, there is a plethora of options available to you at Design my Stairs.

Depending on your preference, setting and your budget, you can choose easy to install glass balustrade panels attached with glass clamps (glass bracket stairs) or fully embedded glass panels, which sit seamlessly within the base rails with no gaps. You may wish to opt for a sleek, glass banister or opt for oak handrails that can be natural or painted to match your décor.

You can also decide to simply replace part of your balustrade with toughened glass panels. For example, if your landing is dark or cramped, glass panels or a glass balustrade can transform the landing space into an airy, spacious area in your house. With Design My Stairs, you do not have to commit to all or nothing, we work with you to optimise the light, feeling of space and practicality of your glass staircase to provide the very best solution for you.

To ensure you have the glass staircase you dream of, we offer a wide range of options, which our staircase design expert will discuss with you after conducting a design survey.

The Benefits of Glass Staircase Design

Increased Light

The increased light and feeling of space they create and adding contemporary style to any setting.

They are Safe

Our glass panels and balustrades are a safe, durable option made of toughened glass.

They are long-lasting

Meaning they will stand the test of time.

Easy Care

Glass panels require less maintenance compared with wooden and/or metal bannisters in terms of painting or staining.

Quick and Easy Install

This results in minimal disruption in your home or workplace when you instal glass stairs.

Truly Bespoke

Glass staircases are designed and installed to make the

Why Choose Design My Stairs for Glass Staircases?

At Design My Stairs we are an award-winning, family-run business. Our reputation is our livelihood and we care about each and every customer. We are experts in the field of glass staircase design and installation. Don’t just take our word for it: we won The Northern Enterprise Awards for Best Embedded Glass Staircase Specialists in 2021. But, we’re not a one trick pony, either. We also design and install wooden staircases and metal bannisters, so we will never try to sell you a glass staircase because that’s all we do.

With our experience and expertise in staircase design and installation, combined with our wide range of wood, metal and glass staircase installation options, we will only ever recommend the best staircase solution for your needs.

All of our glass balustrade panels, glass banisters, and every component of our glass staircases are designed, handcrafted and fitted to the highest standards by our expert craftsmen.

To find out more about our range of glass staircases, please take a look at our blog and gallery or contact Design My Stairs for a quote or glass stair design survey.

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