Cut String Glass and Oak Staircase

Cut string staircases, of any material, have become increasingly popular. Especially with the rise in popularity of sleek, open plan living spaces. When made from oak and glass these ultra-modern, contemporary staircases can look amazing in any home. 

The combination of oak and glass is a perfect match. For example, the hardwood makes it strong while still being able to be easily personalized with stain options that will fit your flooring needs perfectly. And toughened glass is a great option for those looking to protect their home and family. Not only does it provide the safety that you need, but it is easy to maintain so all can enjoy its benefits. 

What Is A Cut String Staircase?

A glass and oak cut string staircase is similar to the oak and glass staircases already described on this website. But instead of the glass balustrade being cut to one diagonal to meet the base rail, the glass is cut to fit around each step. As there is no base rail you can see the side profile of each step.  

You will still have a handrail and newel post, which can be stained or painted oak to your colour scheme and preference. 

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What Are My Options For Cut String Glass and Oak Staircases?

Glass stairs have become a popular design because they are customisable and practical. There is an endless selection to choose from when designing your bespoke staircase renovation. We offer an array of options that are sure to fit the needs and style preferences in any space.


There are many options for handrails, especially as you can paint and stain the oak to fit and style and preference. Although cut string requires glass clamps so you will need to select an ungrooved handrail. 

Glass Panels

Glass panels are used to create a sleek finish. You can choose between a large straight edge or a more detailed design, curved glass panelling that will provide the perfect look. As you will have chosen ungrooved handrails the glass panels will be fitted with clamps, but there is plenty of variety in terms of finishes, nickel or chrome for example.  

Newel Posts

The oak newel post provides an elegant finishing touch for any landing or mezzanine with its sturdy central position. It can come in two options – half-length, which covers less space but offers more grace; or full length.

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Why Choose Design My Stairs?

We have a reputation for delivering the best customer service in our industry. We care about each client and want them to be happy with their purchase, which is why we go out of our way during every step of project management from choosing colours down to making sure you know exactly what’s going on at all times so there aren’t any surprises later.

We make all our glass balustrades in England from only top-quality materials. Every component is designed and fitted by expert craftsmen who know their stuff – so you can be sure that each one will last a long time while looking sleek every step of the way. 


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