Glass Balustrade Staircase

High-quality glass staircase renovations can lift the whole room, allowing light to flow freely without obstruction from spindles or any other balustrade panels that would otherwise block one’s view. Our glass balustrades are made of natural oak newel posts and handrails with panels of glass. 

Glass panels or glass balustrades can transform any landing into an airy, spacious area in your home. For example, if you have dark and cramped spaces for footsteps on stairs they will be brightened with these materials.

Can Glass Balustrade Staircases Be Installed In Any Home?

The aesthetics of glass stairs have been a hot topic in recent years. Some people worry that they will not look right or can’t be installed in older properties because the structure is different for each building, but this isnt true at all. 

We can help you form your staircase idea, and then turn that into the perfect staircase design for your home and personal style. Additionally, we are the only company that can offer you a bespoke staircase to suit your needs. Whether it’s glass, metal or wooden we will create an installation tailored specifically for what is required in terms of design and setting.

Completely Bespoke
stair renovation service

10-year guarantee
with quality assured

quick renovation
in 2-3 days

handcrafted locally
in the uk

Renovation Options For Glass Balustrade Staircases

Glass balustrade panels come in two styles, depending on your preference for style and budget. You can choose easy installation with glass clamps or a fully embedded design that seamlessly goes into the base of stairs without any gaps left visible behind its placement. 

For something, more sleek look consider our bannisters made from real oak wood finished naturally colour-matched materials which will match well against most home décor themes while still being modern enough not to clash. 

Benefits Of Glass Balustrade Staircases


Lighting will increase in the room or hallway your glass staircase is located. Adding a modern, contemporary feel. 

Easy To Care For

Glass doesn’t require painting or staining like its wooden counterpoint, so the ongoing maintenance is much lower. 


Our glass balustrades are safe and durable as they are made from toughened glass. 

Easy Install

Our team is high-qualified to install all our designs with minimal disruption but always follows building regulations. 

Glass Staircase Options We Provide

Glass Staircase Renovations

Glass and Oak Staircases

Cut String Glass and Oak Staircase

Embedded Glass Staircases

Glass Bracket Staircases

Why Choose Design My Stairs?

We can help you design your dream glass staircase. Choose from beautiful designs for base rails, newel posts and handrails. We even offer bespoke toughened panels that are perfect to protect against accidents on the stairs and still look sleek and elegant. 

We know what makes a great home: durability meets style; function meets formality. Its this balance of functionality & beauty combined with innovative ideas like “toughest glasses” (literally), which will make any visitor want to come back again soon enough.

So talk to our expert staircase designers today!


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