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Glass DIY Staircase Kits

Glass DIY Staircase Kits

Let light flow through your home with a custom glass balustrade, designed to be DIY installed for your staircase

Glass DIY Stair Kits

Renovate your staircase yourself with a budget friendly, easy-to-install bespoke glass stair balustrade kit to fit your staircase. Our stair refurbishment kits are a simple, cost-effective way to update your stairs and improve an old, tired staircase.  Design My Stairs offers a contemporary range of bespoke 10mm glass & oak DIY products that are designed to make glass staircase renovation and refurbishment straightforward, hassle-free and affordable.  

Why choose a glass & Oak Balustrade kit?

Create a lasting impression by transforming your existing stairs into stunning glass staircases. Adding a contemporary design to your hallway couldn’t be simpler when you choose a bespoke DIY glass staircase kit from Design My Stairs. Upgrade your existing staircase replacing tired spindles with a beautiful contemporary glass and oak handrails and baserails.

Every custom glass staircase kit we create is totally bespoke, which means that it’s designed to fit perfectly into your staircase and hallway, as well as your budget.

Design My Stairs are expert installers of glass staircases and with that experience we have developed innovative bespoke DIY Glass staircases kits that are a economical way of renovating your own staircase. Right from the start, we take full responsibility for the measure, design and bespoke manufacture of your easy to install glass stair kit. It means the risks involved in configuring the stairs are on us, not you.


The Design my stairs experience

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what are my diy glass & oak kit options?

Glass staircases are a fashionable and instant way to transform the look of your home and increase you house value, which is why it is such a popular choice.  Available design options in embedded glass and glass on brackets DIY kits.

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project management, from choosing staircase designs to the advise and support we offer DIY installers once they embark on their stair renovation.